Monday, 28 May 2012


It is frequently asked why good people suffer for no good cause? Actually many evil people also suffer for no good cause, it's just we think they deserve it. The most general answer is that we live in a world filled with evil. Evil does not care whether you deserve to suffer. Evil just delights in controlling you by controlling your suffering.

So why don't we smarten up and ban evil? Well, supposedly, law enforcement agencies are supposed to control evil together with the prosecution, courts and prisons. How's that working? The attempts of good people to ban evil only retard the practices of evil people and then only at the expense of having a multitude of rules and regulations to control all our behaviours not just the evil people.We now have over 88,000 pages of rules and regulations on our statute books. Is that enough? Despite that and all the enforcement, it still does not stop senseless murders, organized crime, fraud and just plain cruelty.

To understand why all this does not work you need to know your Bible. The devil told our ancestors, Adam and Eve, that God was holding out on them; they could be just like God. They could decide for yourselves what is right and wrong. To receive this great important power they could just eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. So they ate. The devil lied. I was not a good deal.  They were already made in the image of God. They were not transformed into gods but into broken rebellious people.

Let us fast forward to our modern world. We now have a world of broken people trying to do the right thing guided by lawyers and judges as well as another set of broken people who only wants what's theirs AND yours. It is not a good deal. It came from the prince of evil, Lucifer, aka Satan. Lucifer means light-bearer and Satan means opponent. So Satan is the one whom claims to have the light but is actually a liar.

So why would God allow this? Is this mess what He desired? God's desire is that the people be fixed, filled with care for each other and accept Him as their dear Father. Adam could have had this. The original way into God's goodness was to eat the fruit of the tree of life. After that failed came Moses. He came with God's law and the promise that those who obeyed the law would have righteousness with God. That turned out to be flawed, not because the law was bad, but because the people of Israel rebelled. The good fruits of righteousness were expensive compared to the quick fix of getting their own way. Nor could the warning of the prophets stop their evil.

Then God sent His Son. You could enter God's nature and His blessings by following His Son, Jesus Christ. This doesn't mean a better set of rules. It means becoming a partaker in God's divine nature -love, kindness, forgiveness and selflessness. It means you are freed from the brokenness of  your Adam and Eve nature. You escape the Satanic curse of the knowledge of good and evil because you surrender the right to decide what is good and evil. You let God do it. You no longer have the right to your own way. Punishing others is now illegal. You have the right to love your neighbour as yourself and to love God for who He is. You have the right to join like-spirited souls in Heaven.

The way out of this evil world system is to surrender your current life to follow Jesus. This is a good deal. Take it. Say today, "I surrender to you, Jesus."

So what does God get out of this patchwork of behaviours in an evil world? The purpose of this age is to persuade you to surrender of your own free will. You put God in control of your life. He does not take control. God gets a family who want to be part of the Kingdom of God where truth, love, mercy and grace abound without cost and God rules. Lucifer fell. He did not like the King anymore nor His Kingdom. He saw the goodness of God in Heaven and yet rebelled. He will enter hell one day. You, who have seen the goodness of God in a world filled with evil, will repent and enter Heaven. How wise He is. No more rebellions in Heaven. That's what God gets.


  1. Very Good Alan, I am proud of you...keep up the good writing. YOu will touch many hearts with your thoughts and inspirations...

  2. Alan nice article my brother in Christ.I'm a writer also and enjoyed your writing of this article on Why do we live in such a evil world!